Performance Bonus

This is earned weekly from bonus leg’s PV for the week. Percentage ranges from 8% to 12% based on entry level.

Weekly bonus ceiling for VIP is $22,500 per leg. See table below:

Platinium/VIP12%$22,500.00 per leg
Gold10%$7,500.00 per leg
Silver8%$1,500.00 per leg

Perfomance Bonus Calculation using a VIP %

Performance Bonus Illustration

The figures in the circles indicate the cumulative team PV(point value) per leg for the week under review. PVs accumulate from purchases or sign ups.

Performance bonus is paid from the 2 legs with lower cumulative PV (bonus legs), the other leg is called your qualifying leg. In this case, Leg A and C for this week are your bonus legs. Bonus legs can change depending on activity.

Perfomance Bonus = (2000+2500) * 12% = 4,500 * 0.12 = $540

Longrich exchange rate for Nigeria is N200 /dollar. Therefore performance bonus for this distributor for the week in review is

540 * 300 = N162,000


Note for a Silver member, the PV is multiplied by 8% and for Gold it is 10%.

You can also earn on 1 leg provided is your bonus leg.(leg with lower accumulated group PV)

Development Bonus

This is paid weekly, 10% flat for everyone on 2 of the highest developed PV legs per level per leg.

Development Bonus Illustration

Lets calculate Development bonus (DB) using the example in the diagram:

DB is paid per level per leg as above, for this member he has activities on 3 levels of his team in this week under his 3 legs.

DB therefore is:

For Level 1: Highest PV legs for the

week is 1680, 720, 240. Longrich keeps

the biggest that is 1680 (circled in bold)

and pays you on the other two:

DB = (720+240) * 10% = 960 * 0.1 = $96

For Level 2:

DB = (720+720) * 10% = 1440 * 0.1 = $144

For Level 3:

DB = (1680+1680) * 10% = 3360 * 0.1 = $336

Total Development Bonus for this week = $96 +$144 + $336 = $576.

We multiply by N300, our bonus exchange rate, and we have

576* 300 = N172,800

The above DB will be paid to the member together with his performance bonus, leadership bonus etc for the  week. Remember this is team work so grow along with your team and be sure to earn bigger DB weekly.

Leadership Bonus

Leadership bonus entitles you to earn a percentage of your downlines’ earnings up to 12 generations based on sponsor tree and ranking.


NOTE: From D3 and above you must do your 30pv retail order per cycle to earn your leadership bonus. You can use money from your back office to make this order or physical cash. This doesn’t stop other bonuses.

RankGenerationTotalMinimum GPV per rankRequirementBonus group New PV/week
D310%5%5%20%36002 D2, on 2 legsN/A
D410%5%5%5%25%150002 D3, on 2 legsN/A
D510%5%5%5%5%30%750002 D4, on 2 legsN/A
D610%5%5%5%5%5%35%2250002 D5, on 2 legs250pv
D710%5%5%5%5%5%5%40%4500003 D5, on 3 legs750pv
1 SD10%5%5%5%5%5%5%1%41%15000003 D6, on 3 legs1250pv
2 SD10%5%5%5%5%5%5%1%1%42%37200003 D7, on 3 legs2250pv
3 SD10%5%5%5%5%5%5%1%1%1%43%90000003 SD1, on 3 legs5000pv
4 SD10%5%5%5%5%5%5%1%1%1%1%44%200000003 SD2, on 2 legs10,000pv
5 SD10%5%5%5%5%5%5%1%1%1%1%1%45%600000003 SD3, on 2 legs20,000pv

Retail/Repeat Order Bonus

By purchasing products worth 30PV or more within a given cycle, using Repeat/Retail order, entitles you to four different kinds of repeat/retail order bonuses, two of which are described below:


You earn $1.35 (i.e 4.5%) on every retail/repeat order (worth 30pv or more) purchased by you or your downlines (up to the 15th generation). So if 100 people in your team do 30pv you will earn;

$1.35 * 100 = $135 * N300 = N40,500


You earn 21% to 45% on all retail orders, above 30pv, purchased by you or your team members (downlines) depending on the volume of the orders. See table below;

S/NVolume% Bonus
130pv - 99pv21%
2100pv - 199pv25%
3200pv - 399pv29%
4400pv - 799pv33%
5800pv - 1599pv37%
61600pv - 3499pv41%
73500pv and above45%

VIP Incentive

This is paid every cycle. It comes in points. Being a VIP member entitles you to this. You share in 1% of global PV (sales) for the cycle. This is quite big. These points can be exchanged for travel, car or house points.


Worldwide PV * 1% * (Personal income/Total Qualified Income * 100)

Worldwide Incentive

This is paid from 2.5% of Global Sales. This is paid in points. It is shared as below:

Diamond 7 and above1%1%0.5%2.5%
Diamond 6 and above1%1%2%
Diamond 4 and above1%1%


Worldwide PV * Incentive% * (Personal income/Total Qualified Income * 100)


NOTE: 1 point = $100

Star Director Incentive

This incentive is paid as cash based on ranking.

RankingIncome %
5 Star Director0.05%
4 Star Director0.10%
3 Star Director0.20%
2 Star Director0.30%
1 Star Director0.35%


Worldwide PV * Incentive% * (Personal income/Total Qualified Income * 100)

Scholarship/Executive MBA Program Incentive

Star director leaders are entitiled to a  4 year undergraduate Unversity scholarship study at Soochow University, China for yourself or a person you nominate. All expenses for Scholarship for undergraduate paid by Longrich.

Promo Incentives

1. CAR PROMO: Car promo runs for 12 months. Requirements for qualification are announced at the beginning of the year. At the end of the promo qualified members are each awarded cash for brand new car (paid to the partners bank account).

2. TRAVEL PROMO: Longrich promotes All-expense paid international trips 2-3 times a year. Partners who qualify enjoy luxury treatment on company vacation, partners can choose to cash out trip if unable to travel at time trip is scheduled.