Sleep and Nutrients


Longrich Mengqian – Is a Fertility Supplement that is perfect for correcting and treating fertility problems in women.

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Jamaica 15PV 4700 Dollars 5400 Dollars
United States 15PV 30 Dollars Dollars


Longrich Sleep & Nutrients is a proprietary blend of natural ingredients which includes melatonin, chamomile, and vitamin B-6. This natural blend has been formulated to aid the body in obtaining more restful sleep.

It contains relaxing vitamins, minerals and herbs which helps calm the brain activities to aid in falling and staying asleep.

Benefits include:

  • It allows the body to feel rejuvenated without having to deal with the negative side effects of a prescription drug sleep aid.
  • Assist the body in subduing feelings of worry and stress.
  • Helps decrease feelings of worry and stress while falling asleep and sleeping through the night.