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Protects effectively for up for 8hrs, 5% DEET keeps mosquitoes off. Apply to the external part of the body.

Provides a pleasantly cool sensation to yur skin with a floral scent, It is not harmful to the skin. It does not cause oxidation. It dries easily. It disturbs the insect ability to locate animals or human to feed on.

| PV: 25
Min: 1
Step: 1

Longrich Cordyceps Militaris, is a powerful natural antibiotic used for treating a wide range of infections caused by bacteria such as tuberculosis and staphylococcus.

Benefits includes: 

  • Relieves coughs and dry colds and alleviates aches caused by cold
  • Provides essential support for healthy functioning of the brain and helps to calm the mind
  • It improves memory and supports brain health
  • Nourishes lungs and provides energy
  • Strengthens ability to handle stress
  • Powerful natural antibiotic
  • Lowers blood pressure and blood sugar
  • Used for treatment of impotence in men
  • Used to reduce blood cholesterol, triglycerides and artery atherosclerosis
  • Used to improve renal functions and can reduce the effect of toxic substances on the kidneys


  • One capsule in the morning and one in the evening
  • Morning with warm water before meal
  • Evening with warm water after meal
  • Count: 60 Capsules
  • Natural antibiotic
  • Improves mental ability
  • Strengthens heart, lungs and kidneys
  • Nourishes blood, brightens eye and prevents aging

Get 96 pieces of  white tea soap

30 pieces of 100g Longrich White Tea Multi-effect Toothpaste. One toothpaste, Triple effects.

  1. Flouride-free decay resistance: White tea essence prevents decay and improves dental roots conditions.
  2. Deep cleansing: The antiseptic and soft silicon abrasives give you a clean mouth with white teeth and fresh breathe.
  3. Gum strengthening: Strontium chloride and composite aloe extract protects you against teeth sensitivity (cold, heat, acidity, and sweetness)

| PV: 60
Min: 1
Step: 1

Save with this bonus pack of prebiotics spray and overnight sanitary napkin.

| PV: 30
Min: 1
Step: 1

Longrich Prebiotics spray for Face and Body.

Prebiotics act as a food source for your natural-occurring probiotics, keeping skin’s microbiome robust and healthy. Prebiotics also keep skin’s pH levels healthy while maintaining a strong barrier against environmental invaders that cause inflammation.

Prebiotics & Probiotics help with
Jock Itch
and many more skin conditions by decreasing the risk of developing allergic skin diseases and improve the skin’s barrier function.

Size: 120 ml

| PV: 15
Min: 1
Step: 1

Longrich Sleep & Nutrients is a proprietary blend of natural ingredients which includes melatonin, chamomile, and vitamin B-6. This natural blend has been formulated to aid the body in obtaining more restful sleep.

It contains relaxing vitamins, minerals and herbs which helps calm the brain activities to aid in falling and staying asleep.

Benefits include:

  • It allows the body to feel rejuvenated without having to deal with the negative side effects of a prescription drug sleep aid.
  • Assist the body in subduing feelings of worry and stress.
  • Helps decrease feelings of worry and stress while falling asleep and sleeping through the night.

| PV: 15
Min: 1
Step: 1

The highlights are Lady's superior  is formulated and produced in the US. Made with necessary nutrients for human bodies and high-quality natural ingredients obtained all over the world such as Maca Root, Ginseng, and Bioperine. It is fertility Supplement that is perfect for correcting and improving fertility in women.

Longrich Lady's Superior is a healthy and safe way to enhance arousal, reduce stress, and  heighten sexual response, which also comes with the added benefit of a mood enhancement and stress reducer.

Benefits include:

With a proprietary blend of natural herbs and vitamins, this supplement specifically formulated to naturally help enhance female libido levels, stamina, sexual stimulation, and enjoyment.

| PV: 15
Min: 1
Step: 1

Gentleman's superior  - Male Fertility Supplement is perfect for correcting fertility problems in men.

Gentleman's Superior contains a proprietary blend of ingredients that may help to support stamina and sexual libido. Some of the
main ingredients in this supplement are Tongkat Ali, L-Arginine, vitamin b12, and Bioperine. This proprietary blend of ingredients makes for one of the best male enhancement supplements on the market.

Benefits include:


| PV:
Min: 1
Step: 1

Period Care Kit is ideal for young girls begining menstruation and ladies to enjoy comfortable and pain free periods. Includes 5 Longrich products to soothe period related isssues (Cramping, heavy bleeding, pain, irritation, bloating, etc)

  • Overnight Pad  x 1
  • Pantyliner x 1
  • 100g Brightening Hand Cream x 1
  • 80ml Snake oilx 1
  • 100g Bamboo Soap x 1
  • Other items: Period tracker,  Fancy pen x1, Memo pad x1, Chocolate/candy x2, Wafers x1, Socks x1 (NOTE other items and box may vary from shown in picture)

| PV: 45
Min: 1
Step: 1

Contains: Pantyliner: Box of 16 packs, 30pieces in each pack

The Longrich SuperbKlean Sanitary Napkin is made with Magnetic Energy, Far Infrared and Anions. The antibacterial action eliminates odor, protects from itching, prevents infections, promotes reproductive health.


Using the panty liners preserves health as they are made from organic products and 100% cotton. Anti-inflammatory, anti-tumour, anti bacterial benefits.  Helps in relieving menstrual discomfort, arthritis and rheumatism pains, restricts the growth and survival of bacteria and viruses, activates metabolism and improves secretion and immunity. Eliminates odor and prevents itching.

| PV: 10
Min: 1
Step: 1
Longrich Golden Olive Scented Bath Oil:
Formulated with natural herbs that help you clean and moisturizes skin.
Contains olives, rosemary oil along with other nutrients that gives a pleasant scent and helps you relax during the bath.
Use: Can be used for bubble bath
Apply gently on the body then rinse completely
Precautions: Avoid contact with eyes, if contact, rinse with plenty of water and consult a doctor if necessary.
Keep out of the reach of children.

| PV: 4
Min: 1
Step: 1

Longrich White Tea Nourishing soap, White tea essence for smooth skin.

  • White Tea nourishing soap for dry/sensitive skin
  • white tea extract for radiant skin 
  • Soap also contains coconut oil derivatives that cleanses without irritating skin.
  • Honey ingredients moisten and smooth the skin.
  • White tea essence soap for smooth skin.

| PV: 240
Min: 1
Step: 1

The Longrich Energy pan is able to keep the freshness of the food at its highest level.  It maintains the  nutrients and flavors of the food.
and enhances the overall taste of food.

Water boiled in it works for the following: Lowers high blood pressure, Regulates cholesterol and Protects against cancer.

The Longrich Classy Style Energy Pot comes in 2 main sizes 24cm and 28cm (Longrich USA has small size 18cm). The Energy Pot is able to keep the freshness of the food at its highest level, to maintain the originality of the flavors and to enhance the overall taste of the food. This product regulates the amount of heat energy that enters the pot when cooking thereby retaining up to 85% of the food nutritional value after cooking i.e vegetables retain it’s original color and taste.

  • Preserve food nutrient and energy brought into the pot
  • Soup cooked in the pot is clear, taste fresh and the bottom of the pot does not paste
  • Original flavor of the food is maintained and energy is also brought into the pot
  • Fruits kept in the pot remains fresh and healthy after days
  • People who eat the food will feel comfortable from head to foot, invigorating the spleen and promoting appetite
  • Food cooked in energizing pot is fresh and tender after a long time
  • The working principle is that it can spontaneously generate resonance to automatically gather, integrate, enhance and amplify the weak and disorderly energy in space and change into a new energy field
  • It can increase oxygen content of the blood and enhance the body’s resistance to fatigue and disease

| PV:
Min: 1
Step: 1

Energy Necklace

  • Natural gem stones (Jade for men and Pearl for women)
  • Recharges, Reboots and Revitalizes
  • Corrects posture and spine with prolonged use
  • Arouses self healing and repair, relieves pains
  • Cervical care
  • Neutralizes effects from radioactive materials, Repels radiation with far infrared technology.
  • Energizes and stimulates blood circulation
  • Classy and very stylish
  • Contains tourmaline gem stones, far infrared and magnetic energy
  • Eliminates fatigue

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